With the Addition of 16 New Businesses in 2020, Muleshoe Expects to Thrive in 2021

January 2021
Happy New Year, Muleshoe People – There is hope in the air! COVID-19 vaccines are being
administered, COVID-19 case counts are low, and businesses are continuing to make their way
to Muleshoe. 2020 was tough, to say the least, but it is safe to say, that 2020 did not defeat
Muleshoe and its provenly strong economy. In fact, I counted 16 new businesses Muleshoe
gained in 2020!
Granted, two of these new businesses are providing the same services just under new ownership.
These two are Muleshoe Meat Processing who replaced Pearson Meat Company and Farm
House Flowers and Gifts who replaced the well-known Lasting Impressions.
Due to COVID-19, we saw the relocation of High Pointe Ballet from Clovis, New Mexico to
Main Street Muleshoe. The pandemic also caused the movement and creation of Salty Chic Nail
Salon, which was originally a nail service located inside Beni-Au-Dela. Salty Chic Nail Salon
now operates as a standalone. Another new standalone business that stemmed from its origin at
Beni-Au-Dela is Wild Prairie Studio Salon & Yoga.
Another new business that can be attributed to COVID-19 and pandemic trends, is Muleshoe
Delivery. Muleshoe Delivery is a delivery service for grocery, food, and errands for people who
can’t leave their homes and for those who don’t want to leave their homes. Muleshoe Delivery
made their debut on Facebook in December and launched a website as well.
Another post-pandemic trend is that many consumers have become more health conscious and
may not return to pre-pandemic spending. Therefore, nutrition-based retailers are doing
extremely well during this time. In alignment with these trends, Muleshoe has seen the opening
of two nutritional energy drink and shake shops. Lifestyle Nutrition opened in February and
HomeTown Nutrition opened in November.
In addition to the several existing parts stores like Mohawk, Joe Ed’s, O’Reilly, and NAPA,
Muleshoe Truck Parts will be coming to Muleshoe soon, taking the space of the recently closed
Tattered Tumbleweed. Muleshoe Truck Parts will cater to semi-trucks, making Muleshoe a hub
for vehicle, trucking, and tractor parts and supplies.
Along with several vehicle and big machinery-oriented businesses, Muleshoe gained two locally
owned auto dealerships this year. On the east side of town, there is CK Auto, and right next to
Dollar General is Precision Welding & Repair Auto Sales.
Muleshoe residents also have access now to Cricket Wireless, a cellular service provider, Abuelo
Bail Bonds, which provides bail services, The House of Luxury, which is a 21 and over game
room, Bad Habitz! The Smoke Shop, and High Ground Insurance and Services.
New businesses mean more goods and services, therefore enhancing the quality of life for
Muleshoe residents. The City of Muleshoe expects to see the opening of more businesses in
2021, and we cannot wait to share the news with you when the time comes!

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